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Maybe I'll Come Home in the Spring

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Maybe I'll Come Home in the Spring

Published 1971

Dennie (Sally Field) has returned from a year among the hippies to her superficial, image-conscious suburban family. She must face their disapproval of her actions. They refuse to even try to understand. She must also deal with an ex-lover (David Carradine), and a beloved young sister (Lane Bradbury) who is following in her footsteps, wanting the idealistic hippie life but making some rash decisions in the process.

Run time 74 min.
Producer Joseph Sargent
Production Company Metromedia Productions
Audio/Visual sound, color
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Reviewer: imaginashawn - - May 28, 2013
Subject: What happend to the player?
You used to have a pretty good player. Now you've changed it to a horrible one. I've given up on trying to use it and just download the movies and watch them on my own player.
Reviewer: Ella Greggs - favorite - December 26, 2009
Subject: Sound and Fury, Signifying Nothing
Lots of screaming and shouting in this film about the efforts of a former runaway and hippie (Sally Field) to reintegrate into her shallow, middle class family. Field, the only actor with a real character to play, tries hard to show us Denny's internal struggle, and I guess the endless, one-note arguments between her charactactured parents and sister are meant to represent the generation gap. But no amount of looking worried or yelling loudly can make up for the lack of a good script. There is virtually no plot, and the family members barely interact with each other enough to be disfunctional. It's hardly worth sticking around to the film's end to find out why Dennie came home and whether she is going to stay. Too bad, because a more textured and thoughtful story could have had something interesting to say about how families coped with the rapidly changing social values of the late 1960s and early 1970s.
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